Aikido and the “Rabid Dog”

Is Aikido really the only non-violent form of self-defense and what does Aikido do with the rabid dog that just won’t back down? Aikido is a path pursuing “a way.” Whether this or that aikidoist is nonviolent or whether or not they could be nonviolent with a rabid dog does not change the fact that, yes Aikido is nonviolent. Humans have limitations but Aikido is a journey towards an ideal. Continue reading Aikido and the “Rabid Dog”

Aiki-parenting and “Correcting Our Own Mind”

A recent study shows how practicing being our “best self” may change conflict more than the expectations and opposition we impose as parents. This study shows investing being less stressed, more free, and less oppositional improves behaviors even with our children with “behavioral disorders” This comes from a focus on mindful practices instead of telling our kids to mind your parents. Continue reading Aiki-parenting and “Correcting Our Own Mind”

Beyond a Shared Practice; Sukkot in the Living Room

Sukkot Beth Ahabah, Richmond, VA
Sukkot Beth Ahabah, Richmond, VA

I asked my son what he was building and he said, “a Sukkot” which was a part of the celebration at the Jewish preschool he attends. I shared this with a fellow aikidoist from Israel when I was abroad; what brought us together was a shared practice of Aikido but what was celebrated was the shared practices we were surprised to discover. Continue reading Beyond a Shared Practice; Sukkot in the Living Room

“Entering into Harm’s Way;” Confronting our Primal Self

Saotome Sensei speaks of the martial arts as having evolved out of warrior practices who’s original intent was to overcome our primal fears to pursue higher ideals. He goes on to explore Aikido’s uniqueness in the constant focus on de-ai or “the moment of encounter” to “secure vitality in the face of death… in favor of action based on compassion and affinity for all things.” . Continue reading “Entering into Harm’s Way;” Confronting our Primal Self

It’s not about being nice…

Posted by Sidali Selloum on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Aikido, non-violence, and conflict resolution is not about being nice. They are about compassion, live-giving, and joy… I realized Aikido could be about practicing joy when I was able to be in class with Sidali Selloum Sensei. Continue reading It’s not about being nice…

Sarete at the Richmond City Justice Center

RCJCSarete was featured in this month’s Aiki Extension newsletter. The article highlights a recent pilot program where residents participated in 7 weeks of Sarete. One resident explained his experience by saying, “I don’t know if this sounds weird,” said one resident, his eyes opening wide, “but I felt like the ground was shaking beneath me and I realized that I had always thought my power came from the ability to strike. I just realized that my power can come from my resolve and my resilience.” Continue reading Sarete at the Richmond City Justice Center

Sharing Stories of Conflict


There is a need to hear, tell, and share stories of conflict, violence and trauma but there is a weird history of becoming spectators in stories of conflict, even as we retell our own story or listen to the sharing of others. The Things They Cannot Say by Kevin Sites is a collections of stories that bring us as readers a step beyond spectators. Continue reading Sharing Stories of Conflict

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